Our Story

We are fitness professionals from Bondi Beach Australia. We couldn't find these workout tools to the quality and aesthetic we loved.  So we made our own, and Bondi Balance was born.
Our brand represents our community of active, style conscious and fun loving people from all over the globe who live in a 3km radius of paradise.
We love the good things in life.  Music, the ocean, books, good food and wine, friends and family. We believe in training our butt off, Yoga to reboot, a Pilates class to improve our posture, and Meditating to have a calm mind.
Our simple products with their sophisticated design plus our professional knowledge and workout advice will help bring your body into balance for toning, mobility, relaxation/rehab and especially for your workout on the road.  
We LIVE to travel, and working out on the move is possible, and easy with our tools.  This is where it all started for us...and ultimately why all our workouts are designed to fit in a workout anywhere, anytime.  
No gym? No worries.
Join us on the adventure. We've only just begun.